Pray For Rain by Pure Bathing Culture

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There’s an hour a day that you don’t want to die, but they spread out the minutes so you won’t do the math. Your mind has an interest in keeping you conned, to prevent you from seeing how much sadness goes on. The little things that briefly bring you joy are inflated in such a way that you never quite comprehend just how hopeless everything else is. A song like this, which is perfectly pleasant and actually a bit better than it has to be, could, in the right moment, seem like something that might make your whole morning worthwhile. I mean, I hope it does: You need all the help you can get to keep going. Enjoy. [Via]

Smartindc 26 Jul 2015

i'm finally developing a grudging respect for the portland scene

jzetlen 4 Aug 2015

A sparkling new track from PBC's upcoming, second LP. They somehow sound lo-fi & homemade and BIG at the same time. Highly anticipating more tracks this album.

PlopPlop 24 Jul 2015

New Video for Pray For Rain which is out 23 October via Memphis Industries. It's the follow up to 2013 debut Moon Tides.   3

markwakeley 26 Aug 2015

Are you cut in two? Cut all the way through

NakedDave02 6 Aug 2015