Push Pull by Purity Ring

“pretty sure this song is about using git”

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pretty sure this song is about using git

travishardiman 4 Apr 2015

This whole album makes my brain smile. @PURITY_RING

shekibobo 18 Mar 2015

Oh, Purity Ring. You have my ❤️.

marie_says 16 Dec 2014


Astromonkey 12 Dec 2014

Purity Ring's album was about my favourite of the year a couple of years back, so very excited about an imminent new one. This song doesn't feel quite as dark as the old stuff, but hopefully they're just easing us back in gently...   1

thesunneversets 9 Jan 2015

Another great album from one of the sweetest bands in the world right now. I swear to God, this music is written specifically for me.

LegoTrip 11 Mar 2015