Saltkin by Purity Ring


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but jeannicole was first  

I tried listening to the new Purity Ring record, but I think the old one has got way deeper cuts.

deathwarmedover 20 Feb 2015

I know, *another* Purity Ring song. But the album is just so good!   1

gigapixels 22 Jul 2012

the song is amazing and so is this glitch background omg

loathgrim 16 Jan 2015

Beats for weeks. Lots and lots of Purity Ring as of late. Perfect creative fodder. So sick...

indietunes 2 Sep 2013

Lulu's current favorite song to listen to in the car - at least unless/until I get some My Little Pony mp3s.   1

doublepower 14 May 2013