Get Lucky (Chronological Cover) by Daft Punk/PV Nova


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Ever wonder what a song would sound like if it was made a decade ago? How about 4 decades ago. Check it out.

jbotte 20 Jun 2013

Something fun for a blah snowy day. The 80s version is the best, as is the 80s version of anything.

meer 4 Dec 2013

This is great - Get Lucky through the ages, from the 1920's to the 2020's...   2

TBBYNH 14 Jun 2013

Flows so well.

patrickhprenti 19 Jan 2014

Every single conference I have been to for the last year has involved "Get Lucky" at some point, I think. I genuinely cannot take it any more. Am going to Maker Faire now, and if this happens I am going to 3D print a Daft Punk head and wear it forever. GTH HTH HAND.

dnye 6 Jul 2013

It's sort of a medley mix of decade-by-decade recreations of Get Lucky.

pronoiac 13 Jun 2013