Pretty Like Drugs by Queen Adreena


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The world is watching with a pregnant pause The world is watching as I fuck to applause The world is watching as I plant the last seed The world is watching me watching tv Coz I'm pretty like drugs

birdmadgirl1010 25 May 2013

Thanks to Matt Organica for reminding me of these guys earlier

PinkDaisy 7 Sep 2012

This and Soldier Girl were the two warring sides of my indie rock heart in 2002. Katie-Jane is long overdue being used as a character inspiration too.   3

kierongillen 30 Jul 2013

Thinking of The Morrigan, so thinking of this.

kierongillen 24 Sep 2014

Wow this woman's vocal range is insane

davegale83 25 Aug 2014

Discovered this on a Kerrang! album, addictive sound and voice.

Tylky 8 May 2014