Death on Two Legs by Queen


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but jmac was first  

Live at Earl's Court 1977   7

stereoGrover 2 Apr 2013

#glumweek Glam - Glum who cares ! it's a great song anyway :-)   14

myrtle 7 Sep 2013

This is going to be the 180th song I've listed on this site and probably the final one as well. I thought that leaving it at 179 would be... weird.

adamstardust 19 Aug 2015

Another of my dad's 8 tracks: A Night at the Opera by Queen. Still a great album, and the tracks 39, the Prophet's Song and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody are all classics. But this is a hell of an opening track..   2

silentbazz 28 Mar 2015

I haven't met too many people like the one in this song (fortunately!), but it does apply to one or two I know.   1

loveofmylife 1 Mar 2015

Who doesn't like a Brian May Guitar? This is a completely mad song - a bizarre structure and heady mix. It's not exactly a typical formulaic pop song, is it? Whatever it is, it is British. Creative and misdirected in a good way, but no way could this have come from anywhere else.That's all I can say - apart from listen to this ;)   2

daved 4 Sep 2015