Keep Yourself Alive by Queen


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Love Brian May's guitar work on this   1

AndyMack 13 Jun 2015

Deep seated personal resonance here for #LiveWeek No4. The first (?) band I saw live as a 15/16 year old on the Jazz tour. One of the best live bands ever or get out of here....   4

adrian4acn 8 Oct 2013

I was #JamStuck but after a brief chat with @ravenval and following the last Zep Jam my new theme is #SongsThatKilledMySpeakers A short series of songs that over the last 35 years have destroyed either speakers or amplifiers. This is the earliest. I had a little Realistic turntable with 10watt speakers that died due to this track. #PlayLoud   6

adrian4acn 14 Jan 2014

Now they say your folks are telling you Be a super star But I tell you just be satisfied And stay right where you are

krystabartok 30 Aug 2015

Happy New Year! Have a great 2014! :D   3

shamsi_tamsil 1 Jan 2014

Although I will say there are some exemptions.

troybettles 4 Aug 2014