Killer Queen by Queen


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but Loki was first  

There is nothing quite like Queen to boost your mood

Sachax 30 Aug 2015

"Dynamite with a laser beam" It's Queen, it's awesome and it's catchy, need I say more?   5

IndiHatter 3 Dec 2012

And thus begins my listening to Queen's full discography. Have I seriously not heard this song before?   6

etudes 18 Jul 2012

Rewind to the Seventies! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here. So keep 'FOLLOWing'.......   20

leejohnson 18 Feb 2014

Have you ever wanted to know what my favorite rock song of all time is? You do now.

Notintheface1 24 Sep 2015

When it works IT WORKS

craffel 16 Apr 2015