Under Pressure by Queen


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excuse the first minute or so if you're not a queen fan, the performance is completely worth it!   12

MAGlCK 4 Nov 2012

Is everyone else feeling this way with the impending archive of #TIMJ? Loved seeing everyone's jams. I'll wander over to Let's Loop as - what else - EmmaPeel007. Massive love to #thisismyjam - thanks so much for letting me play!   2

EmmaPeel007 8 Sep 2015

/cause love's such an old fashioned word and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you to change your way of caring about ourselves, this is our last dance , this is our last dance, this is ourselves under pressure/

southpaw211 22 Jul 2015

Maybe not the most original am ever, but it's precisely how I feel today!

phtapetrade 23 Aug 2015

This is appropriate for the sinus pressure I've had the past couple of days. Take it away #Queen !   4

digable 21 Aug 2013

#GoingDownJamming my favourite jam of all times

indielips 8 Sep 2015