We Are the Champions by Queen


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but lary was first  

Perfect swan song for This Is My Jam. It's been a blast! Thanks @flaneur and @Han for the great music discovery!

hughrawlinson 26 Sep 2015

forgive me my unbearableness for the next day or so, friends

jennykathleen9 1 Aug 2015

Last Thursday, after a long 5 1/2 years, I have finally finished my undergraduate education. Now, bring on February when I get my degree!   3

fryedrycestyle 23 Dec 2014

#WorldCupJams #Brazil2014 My last World Cup Jam, I can't believe there's 4 years til the next World Cup :'( . Germany-Argentina, who will win? The winner will be the first team to lift for a third time the currentFIFA World Cup Trophy (remember we had before the Jules Rimet trophy). 8th final for Germany (Winning in '54-'74-'90, losing in '66-'82-'86-'02), 5th final for Argentina (Winning in '78-'86, losing in '30-'90). This will be their 7th meeting in World Cups, tyin for most meetings for a World Cup with Brazil v Sweden and Germany v Yugoslavia/Serbia, it will also be their 3rd meeting on a final (most of all time), with each team winning one of the previous, beautiful game!. Stealin a phrase from the other football, "Are you ready for some football?" Who will be singing this song at the end of the match??   5

maodiver 12 Jul 2014

O zamaan erken bir gaz alalım, haydi bakalım YGS. I've got the power!   5

ozkaradiginece 22 Mar 2013

We kicked ass!

benedick 3 Mar 2015