Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen

spintos1976’s jam on 18 Feb ’12 (See all)

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As we approach "The Archive!"...I thought what song would be worth archiving...this composition by Queen pretty much says it all...   5

fraserclaymore 22 Aug 2015

Always liked this song ... reminds me that I'm not indestructible #queen #freddymercury   1

bit_rude 5 Mar 2015

One of my favourite Queen songs. So very epic.

MatthewWilson1 12 Dec 2012

Who wants to live forever?

Sponster 13 Apr 2013

I will miss this section of the internet. #timj #lastjams   4

yvy 9 Aug 2015

His voice and talent made him immortal. Happy birthday, Freddie!   9

Catherine 4 Sep 2013