You're My Best Friend by Queen

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For about a dozen different reasons (including, at #8, "You've got red on you"), this never fails to lift my mood.   1

stevejalim 2 May 2015

Forever and ever.

KelsiFord 13 Jan 2012

Right here we go. I was going to post tomorrow but I've decided to finish today instead. I love this song and I think it's perfect to finish my last jam..   4

twirlingteacups 25 Sep 2015

For Shirley

slmcmahon 15 Nov 2014

Two years ago I married the love of my life, I couldn't feel more blessed or happier, I just want to share my happiness with you, this is dedicated to my wife, my best friend   10

maodiver 22 Dec 2014

Freddie ROCKS!

rdprice64 31 Aug 2015