A Song for the Dead (Live @ Glastonbury 2002) by Queens of the Stone Age W/ Dave Grohl

emmarose’s jam on 6 Dec ’12 (See all)
We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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This song, Last friday at Wembley. Blew my mind.

deanoroe 25 Nov 2013

Smash it Dave!   3

R3dLeadr 26 Jan 2014

Dave Grohl drumming = awesome!!

MisterC28 9 Aug 2012

Brilliant news about Dave rejoining Queens, even if it is a little harsh on Joey. Can't wait for the tour!

hindle4 7 Nov 2012

Chance of life : yesterday night I was with QOTSA, tomorrow night I'll be with Mark Lanegan! One of the highlights of yesterday. A killing! QOTSA are Kings!   11

MyBlueElephant 14 Nov 2013

Just the most perfect noise from a stage full of cool.

natalieglock 26 May 2013