Fairweather Friends by Queens Of The Stone Age


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but demp was first  

finally got to listen to their album. man this is well-produced! love the lyrics too. josh homme is legendary!   3

j2daboy 6 Aug 2013

One day when we're far away, From everything that hurts, Drink wine and screw is all we'll do, Every day

alexkalopsia 6 Feb 2014

And though the hour's late, don't let 'em in your head

diezyn 30 Mar 2015

Bring on Manchester in November!   2

mpgabster 21 Jun 2013

Current aural addiction: Fairweather Friends by @QOTSA

judithallen 28 Aug 2013

Glorious Homme & Cohorts joy ;}

CinnammonGirl 5 Jan 2014