Fairweather Friends by Queens Of The Stone Age

“Glorious Homme & Cohorts joy ;}”

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but demp was first  

Glorious Homme & Cohorts joy ;}

CinnammonGirl 5 Jan 2014

Bring on Manchester in November!   2

mpgabster 21 Jun 2013

finally got to listen to their album. man this is well-produced! love the lyrics too. josh homme is legendary!   3

j2daboy 6 Aug 2013

One day when we're far away, From everything that hurts, Drink wine and screw is all we'll do, Every day

alexkalopsia 6 Feb 2014

And though the hour's late, don't let 'em in your head

diezyn 30 Mar 2015

What's not to love about this one? Sir Elton John on the piano and backing vocals, Grohl on the drums, written with Mark Lanegan... fantastic song.

sweeter 19 Jun 2013