Feel Good Hit Of The Summer by Queens of the Stone Age


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but BenFox was first  

Hadn't listened to QOTSA in ages before today, there was a time when I listened to nothing but. Still as great as I left them. Actually, more so. Also nice one to whoever made this video it's pretty cool   9

mjgBZ32 15 May 2015

Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol.

Notintheface1 22 Jun 2015

Lead guitar, who would I be Pete Townsend .. possibly Jack White .. likely Josh Homme ... definitely

Paradykes 25 Dec 2014

With the glorious weather this weekend, it very much feels like summer has finally reached London. So here is the perfect soundtrack*. *OK, minus the chemical assistance.

asw909 7 Jun 2015

Summer is coming.   1

nikkinikki 16 May 2015

“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” by Queens of the Stone Age (@qotsa) is my new jam. | Happy summer! | ♫ Listen:

obz 21 Jul 2014