Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age


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pwoperfish 11 Nov 2014


jaadiman 21 Feb 2015

I think its relatively rare that a true rock classic, something that really captures the elemental rawness of great minimalist hard rock gets such massive popularity, but it did in this case. This track is beyond perfect, the whole package, the song itself, the lyrics (great pathos), the stunning video, the works. Of course, as all QotS tracks, the album version is overproduced (I dont blame them for that, that's the current market), but that just means the live version are absolutely breathtaking. What I like most about this track, is the aggressive and simple riff, thrashes on and almost sounds out of rhythm, like it's racing itself to get to the end... but at the end it just stops, no 'climax', no last chord, no fade out, no deconstruction, it just stops. That's what takes this song from an A+ to an utter masterpeice, it puts all the emphasis on that racing rhythm for the whole song. QotS really blow me away, and particularly in the songs of this era with Dave Grohl as the drummer.

llaith 26 May 2015

Great video from Shynola to do visual justice to audio excellence   1

DominicOno 22 Jan 2012

Happy 12th-year-and-one-day anniversary to SONGS FOR THE DEAF.   4

kenlowery 28 Aug 2014

One of the greatest songs ever recorded and the best video OF ALL TIME.   4

inthefade 15 Mar 2012