Smooth Sailing by Queens of the Stone Age

“Not half-bad old-school rock album”

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Not half-bad old-school rock album

davidcard 5 Jun 2013

Haven't chosen a jam in a long time but Queens of the Stone Age is always a good choice

kateeb 2 Aug 2015

5 days until QOTSA & NIN hit Melbourne, 6 until I get to see them!   10

ZeppelinRule 8 Mar 2014

This is officially my jam of the summer.

torif24 19 May 2013

The service I use to post these "jams" is discontinuing on 9/26, so I'm going to end with my "eternal" jam: an amazing rock song with the sexiest guitar riff I have probably ever heard.

ladamenoire 23 Sep 2015

Visions of collision, fucking bon voyage

malevolosidade 15 Feb 2015