Eyes of a Stranger by Queensrÿche

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That voice....

silentjester 25 Nov 2013

#MetalforMonday From one of my favorite records ever!

Thrashbrowns 25 Nov 2013

I will have to admit that I am an operatic power vocals kind of guy.   5

GodShock 3 Mar 2012

The Ryche at its finest!

PurdueGrad91 27 Jul 2014

When you walked in the room I felt my heart race But knew I'd been fooled when I looked at your face In your lips I sense a danger You've got the eyes of a stranger

kerheb 2 Apr 2015

TS: this "Eyes of a Stranger" vs. the Payolas one. Both Pacific Northwest bands!

jody_beth 28 Jun 2015