Finest Worksong by R.E.M.

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Back to work today!

hodgesart 29 Mar 2012

In 1987, I was 15 years old and this album was released. My whole world, at the time, was my best friend Zak Kendrick, Cyberpunk and music. This music. Everytime this song plays I can still smell the smells and feel the emotions of those days. I loved it all.   1

wizzard 25 Aug 2013

I am back at work. So I need a work song.

dadwhowrites 20 Aug 2012

Start the new job tomorrow - this seems apt. "What we want and what we need has been confused..." Finest Worksong by REM.   3

adrianlong61 2 Nov 2014

Happy Labor Day to all!

sweeter 2 Sep 2013

Can't believe I've only just discovered Document... love it.   2

adamlack 18 May 2013