Imitation Of Life by R.E.M.

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A gem from R.E.M.'s late catalog. Love that the music video is making the viral rounds 14 years after the fact. Thanks, @neagle for reintroducing me!

BrownL04 9 Sep 2015

One of my very favorite late-era R.E.M. songs.   4

BoringPostcards 9 Jul 2014

I love me some REM, and this one gets me every time.   2

DJDellamorte 8 Feb 2012

Another highly unworthy ever present in ye olde chartie shoppe is Reveal. Strange, however, is the absence of Up and Under The Sun. Explain? #bargainbasementweek   1

tomdwilly 31 Jul 2015

If you looked more closely, this might be going on at your pool party...

purplesunset54 12 Sep 2015