Stand by R.E.M.

“R.E.M. Lego style...”

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R.E.M. Lego style...

DadoRockWhirirk 19 Jul 2015

God, this is annoying.

ScottyDouglas 4 Jan 2012

While I like all of their massive cataloge, this is my fave

whsedrone 9 May 2014

Lego video. Yep.   11

BertrandRustles 12 Mar 2015

This song's been going 'round my head for a couple of days now. Time to share the infectiousness. :)

Del1972 12 Apr 2014

I never realized how much I dig this tune! It's silly willy. cc @mradamscott

TurboToaster 16 Mar 2015