Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead


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On the high-end studio speakers this album sounds better than ever. Mind blown.

kaeru 13 Feb 2015

I bet Thom Yorke can't get enough of doing chores around the house. #tidyingupweek   7

thesunneversets 25 Nov 2014

Just moved house and have had this song rolling around my head constantly as I unpack everything.

daedaleum 7 Sep 2015

Turning point

iwilsonjr 27 Jun 2015

Here's to having hockey back.   1

inthefade 6 Jan 2013

This song defined my college years, was on my blank cd that someone gave to me and I never knew who it was by and what it said. It's funny to realize a decade later that (1) it's Radiohead *duh* and (2) it's not "I'm trapped here" as I thought, but "in its right place". And then you read about it: // The line, "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon", apparently refers to the face one makes in reaction to a lemon's sourness. Yorke revealed in an interview that while promoting OK Computer, he was told he frequently exhibited a sour-faced look. Other lyrics are said to have been drawn randomly from a hat in a process inspired by artist Tristan Tzara, whose instructions for "How to make a Dada poem" appeared on Radiohead's website at this time.¬†Another line, "There are two colours in my head", is a reference to the paintings of Mark Rothko, of whom Yorke would reference as an influence in interviews leading up to its release. // What. A. Tune.   4

hannacelina 25 Jun 2015