Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead


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Xyleene 23 Mar 2015

Last week marked the anniversary of my birth, and my uncle bought me a variety 4 pack from the Morland Brewery to celebrate the occasion. I cracked open "The Old Speckled Hen" bottle last night, and thoroughly enjoyed how much more flavor it had then our traditional American swill. I see that the brewery was originally in Abingdon, home of Radiohead. Coincidentally, I pulled out "In Rainbows" this weekend for the first time in awhile for a listen, prior to imbibing the Hen. The album was my first introduction to the band, and I was totally blown away back in '07 when I first downloaded it. I'm still surprised their distribution method for this record never caught on. But Radiohead and Old Speckled Hen are two British imports that definitely have caught on with me.   3

kfarrnd 6 Apr 2015

loop this until eternity... and still it won't be enough

code51 10 Dec 2011

Taut, sublime and exquisite. (best British band since The Beatles)   39

Bukowski 24 Jul 2013

Best study jam.

fjfrancis 15 Oct 2014

just because

BDGarp 4 Jul 2015