Paranoid Android by Radiohead

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but ACHarding was first  

Modern rock symphony   3

isajward919 31 Jan 2014

At number 95.....such a great band....hard to pick just one look for at least one or two more....enjoy the jam.....CT Scan due next week...fingers and toes crossed for a stable outcome!!!!!   8

njparry 16 Jun 2014

Stole my brothers beats and ok computer has to be the perfect album for them. This being the highlight.   2

SeanHiggins1994 5 Jul 2013

the way radiohead splits up their guitar parts is genius

andythebassman 7 Mar 2015

This could be my favorite radiohead song... Maybe. Too many good ones to choose just one. Anyways, I'm off to Dover.   4

terence 19 May 2013

When I first heard Creep, I loved it. Loved the bass line, the distortion guitar riff, it was great but it was still just for fun. But when OK Computer dropped it was clear that Radiohead had gone to a whole other level. I could pick dozens of tracks from Just to Kharma Police to Fake Plastic trees but Paranoid Android, with it's complex, eerie beauty takes the cake.

Sirius_B 7 Apr 2015