Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) by Radiohead

“Sometimes I miss the more explosive iteration of Radiohead.”

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Sometimes I miss the more explosive iteration of Radiohead.

JAFlanagan 10 Jul 2013

Another lesser known bit of Head jam.   1

edkevilldavies 1 May 2012

I bought the Paranoid Android single on my 18th birthday. This was on the flip. It remains one of my favourite Radiohead tunes.   3

crawtonleek 26 Jul 2013

Polyethylene - my favourite Radiohead B-Side

craignicol 27 Jun 2013

Plastic bag, middle class, polyethylene

craignicol 13 Jan 2013

every time i think radiohead and i are acquainted theres another bside

aasha 11 Sep 2013