Pyramid Song by Radiohead

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but bucky was first  

A true favourite.   1

jonathanapples 25 Aug 2013

I jumped in the river and what did I see? Black-eyed angels swam with me A moon full of stars and astral cars All the things I used to see All my lovers were there with me All my past and futures And we all went to heaven in a little row boat There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

MaxVerweijen 27 Jun 2015

there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt   2

dominikus 14 Oct 2013

Magical Realism and sumptuous animation from the best British band since The Beatles. Have a great weekend folks!   17

Bukowski 4 Apr 2014

#ABCsOfMe - Spoilt for choice again with REM and Rage Against The Machine being big names, but it can only be Radiohead.   3

Olimite 20 Dec 2014

Always beautiful

bucky 11 Jan 2012