The Headmaster Ritual by Radiohead

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Found via @maximolly; Radiohead covering the Smiths a few years ago.

infovore 10 Jan 2012

Heard the original in the pub the other night and got to talking about this tremendous cover. Love both versions, despite the fact that my own school-days were nothing short of brilliant.   3

pip 12 Jun 2014

A dream.   2

dylandrygin 29 May 2013

an interesting cover that I just found looking for the original - this is a great merging of two of my favourite bands, if you haven't heard it LISTEN AND HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN   2

justjoe 11 Sep 2013

I love this Radiohead cover of The Headmaster Ritual. It's like watching Yorke & co play Rockband.

mwkelley 15 Feb 2015

For anyone going back to school this week - hope yours is nothing like this... ;¬)

kerlmann 3 Sep 2013