Videotape by Radiohead

“This is my way of saying goodbye... #ThisIsMyLastJam #ILoveYouTIMJ #SoSad

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This is my way of saying goodbye... #ThisIsMyLastJam #ILoveYouTIMJ #SoSad   40

MyBlueElephant 24 Sep 2015

Back to the best, my favourite band at its haunting beautiful best Enjoy!   3

abner07 25 Jun 2013

Best album-closing tracks. I'm going to post a handful of my favorite closers followed by an ordered top 10. Criteria include effectively providing a conclusion to an album, being irreplaceable in its role, and general quality of the song, in that order.   6

btener 10 Jul 2013

When I'm at the Pearly Gates, this will be on my #Videotape #Glumweek   2

Reckoner 10 Sep 2013

you are my center / when i spin away   4

dominikus 17 May 2013

...myself at work.   4

thefamilyghost 16 Jan 2014