Renegades Of Funk by Rage Against the Machine

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Because good old stuff.

iamradiox 4 May 2015

I think this jam is quite fitting considering the current state world affairs.

LIFEofSunday 21 Nov 2011

I generally don't understand the (recorded) covers-copies of songs, so here's a REAL cover. 2000. First version by Afrika Bambaataa, 1983.

Elias_Tzz 20 May 2015

#FunkyFriday : ‘Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies—They change the course of history—Everyday people like you and me.’ This is my kind of funk, oh yeah!   2

homosporocarpus 17 Oct 2014

time for some RATM!

DeniseJanick1 11 Aug 2015

This is probably the only track by*RATM that you can really dance to! And the Soul Train Line video is in such perfect synch, in both rhythm and attitude... seems like a perfect combination to a #FunkyFriday *Renegades of Funk was written and recorded by Afrika Bambaataa and 1st released in 1983.   39

BladeRunner 24 Jan 2014