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#ratm #testify

jmcosta 29 Jul 2013

It's en election week, so... #Testify #RageAgainsttheMachine

ek6891 20 May 2014

Same shit, different mouths

farood 15 Nov 2013

Every once in a while I need this song. One of the all time best heavy energy guitar tunes.

mvinboxars 31 Oct 2014

After a meeting with a head teacher which ended in him shouting in my face. Whilst I just called him by his first name which infuriated him. I was gonna put up Killing In The Name. But Testify is less obvious and opened their set at Download the year I went. #RATM

mw37825 18 Oct 2013

This is exactly the energy I need this Monday morning.

digable 22 Sep 2014