“Watched The Matrix last night and was reminded what a fucking jam this is.”

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Watched The Matrix last night and was reminded what a fucking jam this is.   2

roundonefight 2 Feb 2015

Love this tune. Perfect blend of funkish verses, outspoken rap metal vocals and outlandish grooves.

Abstract 9 Sep 2014

Wake up!

avfloresv 3 May 2014

I don't usually make a habit of overtly broadcasting my political views on Jam, but to me personally, the sentiment behind this track stems not just from politics, but a concern for humanity. This song goes a long way in expressing the anger and sadness I've experienced over the last few weeks. There aren't any words to describe the atrocities and injustices currently inflicted upon the Palestinian people, not just by Israel but through the complicity of the wider international community. Of course, people are suffering in many other parts of the world too and it's so easy to despair and become embittered. However, if we look at what has been taking place on social media and in the global community recently, at least one thing is clear now. People are rejecting the current world order: people are waking up. #Gaza #AntiWarJam #AngerIsAGift   2

lukestevo26 30 Jul 2014

Governments of the world, listen up !   1

HughzyG 1 Aug 2014

@tmorello here's my choice #RiffsForTheWeekend

CanOnlyBeOne_ 28 Mar 2015