Pacific Rim Main Theme by Ramin Djawadi


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I loved this movie. The theme in particular gives you this feeling of being on top, in control; even if you're doing homework, you feel like you're fighting in a giant robot with your best friend at your side.

ramentic 29 Dec 2013

From the "Pacific Rim" movie soundtrack.

calypsotea 18 Nov 2013

Go big, fu*#ers!

FilipS 20 Oct 2013

It's just so badass. If you have not seen this film yet SHAME ON YOU.   3

forgivemehera 23 Jul 2013

Music to jam out to whilst stomping on Tokyo. RAWR!!

Thrashbrowns 28 Jun 2013

I was just undoing the rat's nest of cables behind my PC, but I had this playing, and damn if I hadn't jumpstarted the Jager program when I was done.

uriel1998 3 Nov 2013