Had to Hear by Real Estate

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but Errol was first  

I've listened to @realestateband's Atlas numerous times now, and the first track stands out the most. Love and longing illustrated beautifully by languid guitar lines.   2

mosang 1 Apr 2014

Stone Roses anyone? Cause that's what I hear.

baggie 7 Dec 2014

just had my bi-annual "buy a bunch of records in one go" night. this had to be one of them, such a fantastic album   3

solveigo 9 Aug 2014

Track one, side one from the brand new Real Estate album. Shimmering brilliance, made to sound so goddam easy.   5

simonp 3 Mar 2014

Love the guitar lines <3   2

Warayu 5 Mar 2015

Played nothing else but the wonderful Atlas album this last week. This first track sets the tone.   2

sricketts1 14 Mar 2014