Brendan's Death Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“One of the best off of I'm With You!”

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One of the best off of I'm With You!

darby67 19 Aug 2013

Best of 2011: This hit just as I started attending University (I remember Anthony Kiedis' new moustache in the videos playing in the Student Union food court). A great track, recorded in a room in the Chateau Marmont, performed, as they do, with variations on a simple theme.

restless941 1 Feb 2015

When the boatman comes to ferry me away, to where we all belong.

JeffAyling 19 Dec 2013

Let me live, so when it's time to die, even the reaper cries.

vaticancameos 18 Jan 2014

All time favorite chili's tune

edmundpollard 8 Oct 2014

Chilli's I'm With You album has some great songs that never really get much recognition, Brendan's Death Somg is probably my favourite from the album. To me it's definitely a summer tune.

Abstract 8 Apr 2014