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but anchorend was first  

Just realised it was a year tonight I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers in Manchester, what a night!

Conagh_Murphy 14 Nov 2012

I was in my astronomy professor's office today to go over an exam, and he's a big music nerd, so we were talking about music and he whips out his Pono music player. If you don't know about it, you must check it out. It's this thing Neil Young started up that lets you listen to the master recording of a song at 192kHz. We don't realize how much of the music gets lost in CDs and mp3s, this is an amazing and really important thing for music, the sound quality is as good as it gets. My professor backed the campaign and got a Pono player with RHCP's signatures engraved on it and he let me listen to this song, it was an awesome experience. I want one so bad.   1

maddi909 23 Apr 2015

Always thought this referred to "birds of shame" when I was little. But maybe misheard song lyrics are just another interpretation? Wishful thinking but undeniably good song   2

Pampleluce 22 May 2015

Tune.   3

edclarke 21 Nov 2013

How do you have a song for every feeling, rhcp?

rathirajeshwari 11 Feb 2015

After years of being a closet fan I am finally embracing my love for Red Hot Chili Peppers

nomonstersinme 21 May 2015