New Jersey by Red House Painters

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A classic.   1

agedly 6 Mar 2013

It's that time of year... Red House Painters time. "Another dying kid that learned too much, too soon / You're not as good as your mom / But you're as good as dead." New Jersey ain't the whole world.

dgaughan 6 Jun 2013

From 1993's Red House Painters [I] (Rollercoaster). My favorite version of this gorgeous song.   7

btener 16 Feb 2013

I'm convinced this band exist purely for drunk late night introspection.

whatsthat 13 May 2012

Album: Red House Painters / Year: 1993 #317   1

mondosalvo 27 Jun 2014

Rollercoaster version   3

btener 17 Sep 2013