Come and Get Your Love by Redbone


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but brilliantorange was first  

❤ Heeeeeeey (heeeey) What's the matter with your feel right? Don't you feel right, baby...❤   1

J_Dub 2 Sep 2014

Another gem from #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy 's "Awesome Mix Tape".   1

rocknrollisking 14 Aug 2014

Very possibly the best dancing jam. It's like the best disco jam.

dandoesmusic 21 Jul 2015

Forgot how much I loved this song until I saw "Guardians of the Galaxy" last night. Damn, what a soundtrack~ #FunkyFriday   16

christineb 8 Aug 2014

I've now seen Guardians of the Galaxy twice and this song is on near permanent earworm status.   1

melvillean 18 Sep 2014

the version with the intro -

kthread 29 Aug 2015