Elektra by Refused

“Shame the rest of the new album isn't like this.”

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Shame the rest of the new album isn't like this.

Eighty_Ten 24 Jun 2015

Just found out that these guys have reunited and will release a new album later this year. New song is awesome

Copymaster 28 Apr 2015

Refused are f***ing alive!

Vickipedia 27 Apr 2015

New stuff from Refused. Definitely not terrible. Especially if you like riffs that peel your face off.   1

astiocles 27 Apr 2015

Refused! First new song in 17 years!

pivic 27 Apr 2015

Still have to wait a month for this album, I'm dying. #refused #freedom

AliLangston 29 May 2015