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precisely the kind of thing R and everyone he hangs with dislikes, and i haven't thought of it since college really, but today oh. say whatever you like about my last ex, he had a sweet (not in the slang sense, but tender) imagination. also, this for no real good reason reminds me of those lines akhmatova wrote about falling in love with modigliani, how they were so poor they had to huddle under one umbrella in the rain on their dates, but they'd read poetry to each other and it was all good.  there's a lot of looking down on fanciful grand illusions of self around here, and as i age of course, but hey, i ain't from these parts anyway.   1

ifjuly 21 Mar 2014

They made a statue of us, and put it on a mountaintop.

mo_nextdoor 25 Aug 2014

Not only an excellent piece of music but a piece that fitted perfectly with the film (500) Days of Summer.

ntrowden 18 Mar 2015

"Our noses have begun to rust."

GladRacks 16 Apr 2015

And it's contagious...

TBBYNH 6 Dec 2012