You've Got Time by Regina Spektor

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but steff was first  

Love this song

DanAbnett 1 Aug 2013

An awesome television show has to be married to an awesome theme song. #OITNB

MattyD123 23 Jun 2015

Fuck #Glum week: This kicks ass! I never was that into Regina Spektor, but this has got some serious bite. And the show (Orange is the New Black) is fantastic too. It's my new TV series addiction.   5

smette 13 Sep 2013

From my new fav show orange is the new black! When I first heard this i thought it was a yeah yeah yeahs song I'd never heard. Not reginas usual sound.

Oldy86 25 Mar 2014

Started watching Orange Is The New Black at the weekend. Whilst it is really rather good, it took a while for me to get used to seeing Captain Janeway as a terse Russian jailbird chef.   9

crawtonleek 17 Feb 2014

I think we should all pause to take note of the brilliance of Regina Spektor and Orange Is The New Black. *EDIT* Seems that this video doesn't work, try this -   4

DJDarren 20 Jun 2014