Heart Of Oak by Richard Hawley

“New single from Richard Hawley”

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New single from Richard Hawley   6

BarneyRubble 28 Jul 2015

The new Richard Hawley album is wonderful. Really looking forward to hearing him play songs from it tomorrow night at Rough Trade.   6

AndyWilkinson 15 Sep 2015

Nice song from the forthcoming Hollow Meadows album. The video features beautiful Derbyshire, particularly around Castleton, and finishes with Hawley looking back across the moors towards Sheffield.

MikeHull2u 11 Aug 2015

This is probably going to be my last jam. I was gong to repost my first jam but then I heard this and thought I would spread the love. Such a beautiful song. So long fellow TIMJammers.

marksingleton3 21 Aug 2015

You're the keeper of the flame/In a time where so much is at stake/And I wish you well/Pure hearted oak

oboogie 25 Sep 2015

No more sweet laments, no more long goodbyes, just the music...   2

Cornishson73 10 Sep 2015