Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Richard Hawley

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Melody, melody, melody and great video too. Everyone who hears this loves it first time

avalon44ww 31 Dec 2011

Never used to be a fan of this particular one. But somehow it's now hooked me.   1

Bern_Esquire 6 Jan 2015

This is stuck in my head. Not in a bad way. So here it is.   9

obadiah99 5 Jan 2014

I don't know how to play chess, but to me, life is like a game of chess.   2

CaptainJam 3 Jun 2013

Still loving Richard Hawley - any better @mikelowe ???   25

lindatee 21 Nov 2013

I saw Richard Hawley play at Rough Trade East tonight. What a lovely bloke. I wanted to jam something from his new album, but it's restricted. Never mind, he played this one too . . . Those people, they got nothing in their souls and they make our TVs blind us, from our vision and our goals . . . .   14

lindatee 16 Sep 2015