Super Freak by Rick James

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but gengelcox was first  

Today is, in fact, superfreaky. And not in a good way *brow wiggle*.   1

gingerjane 1 May 2015

Rick James was impossibly cool. Shame not a lot of his songs are available on here!   9

amortentia 18 Sep 2012

Woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning.

justplainscott 14 Sep 2015

Overheard this in a restaurant yesterday, and, yes, I still like that funk.

gengelcox 2 Dec 2011

Last.FM said that I haven't played any Rick James since October.

jeremybanana 9 Mar 2015

Cocaine is a hell of a drug   1

kevinchiat 9 May 2015