1976 by RJD2

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ramble john at his finest

diamondzo 7 Jul 2014

This is the soundtrack to which my life will be scored. In my own mind.

mmarxen 22 Mar 2014

Total ear worm.   1

akent 10 Jan 2014

RJD2--1976 (feat. fantastic photos of Cuba). "The concept was born from footage shot in Cuba during one of RJ's live shows. We sorted through thousands of photographs from a recent trip to visualize the flair of the music, which has a distinct Latino sound, and use its driving beat to capture the lives and lifestyles of Cuba. Directors: Nate Reese, Rainer Ziehm Photography: Rainer Ziehm   3

iMatthew_ 28 Feb 2015

Music vid by the talented folks at MediaStorm http://mediastorm.com/publication/1976   2

ReptarAzar 4 Jan 2012

It's a song that is total retro 70's but produced recently. This cut should have been used in a Starsky and Hutch episode or Rockford Files. It's awesome.

PlayitagainRob 24 Jul 2014