Johnny And Mary by Robert Palmer

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but flaneur was first  

The first song I ever showed interest in, apparently, aged nine months. Still awesome.

GarethAPearce 23 May 2015

I worked in a record shop on Saturdays (years ago, obviously), and they played Clues a LOT, and I grew to love it, this track, though, is a slow burner, a sneaky earworm. Enjoy!   14

daved 10 Jul 2015

One of those haunting songs you remember where you were and the emotion it invoked #memories

inigem 25 Aug 2015

Mary says he's lacking a real sense of proportion.   12

flaneur 19 Nov 2011

I suddenly found myself singing this to calm my 6-month-old at Target last Sunday. When inspiration met desperation.

Notintheface1 19 May 2015

Because Robert Palmer wasn't always "Simply Irresistible" and "Addicted to Love" with heavily made up models bouncing around in the background. He made some pretty cool music in the 70s and this one from 1980. Supposedly this song was the inspiration for Rod Stewart's "Young Turks"   8

kfarrnd 27 Jan 2014