She Makes My Day by Robert Palmer

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Thinking with your chin up   1

brabham4 10 Jun 2014

This is the best version I could find.   1

boredofthis 2 Aug 2014

Some Blue-Eyed Soul. Because I miss Mr. Palmer so much. And because this is one beautiful fucking song. #magic #soul   1

FiletofSoul 16 Jul 2015

This came on shuffle this morn. Always liked it. Found this rather good live version.   1

fmmackenzie 24 May 2015

Was our wedding anniversary yesterday, so in honour of the wonderful Mrs W, "She Makes My Day" by Robert Palmer is my new jam

PaulWhitelegg 30 Jan 2014

Was looking for a guilty pleasure but came across my fav Robert Palmer song instead. There are a lot of people on here that often make my day - and if you think you could be one of them - you probably are. Thanks for that . . . . #soppytartjam or #soppyjamtart   31

lindatee 9 Oct 2013