You Are In My System by Robert Palmer

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but IFTFOM was first  

10 years since Robert Palmer died. One of my favourite vocalists. Left us way too soon.   12

VickyMB1970 27 Sep 2013

Girl, you are in my system   5

IFTFOM 26 Mar 2012

Yorkshire's finest pre-Donovan Addicted to Love. Vaguely remember an MTV vid with a girl on roller skates.   1

edprichard 29 Oct 2012

Help! I've fallen down a Robert Palmer hole and I can't get out! This 'Compass Point' era track is unbelievably infectious, watch out....

fabrider 9 Jul 2013

I wanted "What's It Take?" but that didn't show up in the search... this'll do I guess

jjb 15 Sep 2013