Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road by Robert Wyatt


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‘Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road by Robert Wyatt’   3

rogkent 7 Nov 2013

Happy 70th birthday Robert Wyatt. A true 'post 1945 musical genius' (copyright @Bukowski). From 1974, with the classic pencil drawn sleeve.   10

gingercls 28 Jan 2015

something has happened to my mind that means that this type of music is now not only acceptable but good   3

Frogory 25 Sep 2012

From the 1974 album "Rock Bottom"

rogkent 2 Jul 2012

For the past week my commuting sdtk has been a shuffle of "Rock Bottom" & "Another Green World" and each time around this proves to be a highlight to the journey.

FarmerGiles 16 Jun 2013

"Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road" by Robert Wyatt, from one of my all time favourite albums "Rock Bottom". If you don't know it, you really should. Superb video by MrFantim too. "As we roll down the highway towards the setting sun."   3

rogkent 15 Jul 2015