Metro Balderas by Rockdrígo González

“Yesterday was the 30 anniversary of the tragic earthquake that destroyed the city of México, thousands of lives was lost. One of the lives that fade away that day was Rockdrigo González. Many time compared to Bob Dylan, but Rockdrigo was unique, his own style and voice, a urban poet and a important figure to all the rock made in México. This song was written when he was sitting outside the National Auditorium , about peasant couple who come to Mexico City to try his luck, but not knowing the big city and have no point of reference in case they get lost, they decide to travel by subway and the girl get lost among all the people, they never see each other again. Rockdrigo was away from fame, he always wanted to be of the people, was a real urban poet, no many artists can capture the whole magic and madness of the city.  Sorry for the long comment. Hope you enjoy it. Rock in Peace El Profeta del Nopal.”

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